Commission F-gas Review Information


A Commission proposal for a new Regulation is expected by April 2022.

  • To achieve this evaluation and impact assessments needed to be started promptly in 2020.
  • Open public and targeted consultations on past experience and future policy options.
  • 2020 Commission reports on Air-conditioning, switchgear (SF6) and availability of HFCs to provide technical input to the F-gas review.

The Commission briefing papers on ’HFCs and HFC alternatives in split air-conditioners’ and HFC availability on the EU market’ (March 2020) serve as input for the three Commission F-gas reports due in 2020, with comments submitted via the F-gas Consultation process. 

The Commission is keeping a focus on implementation

  • Starting annual quota implementation cycle (2019 compliance and 2021 quota allocation)
  • Decision on reference values 2021 – 2023
  • Actions facilitating compliance eg
  • Webinars on verification and clarification
  • Listing auditors in the registry

And tackling illegal trade

  • The Customs 2020 group has adopted checklists to be used by customs authorities (front desk) for bulk and pre-charged equipment. The checklists are comprehensive, raise awareness and can facilitate checks.
  • A proposal is envisaged to continue funding the Customs 2020 Group for 2 more years.
  • Work progressing on Certex/Single Window


Technical Specifications for Article 21(2) Comprehensive Review

The relevant tender document containing the technical specification can be downloaded from the Commission website.

Article 21(2) of the F-Gas Regulation requires the Commission to publish a comprehensive report on the effects of the Regulation, no later than 31 December 2022, including on:

(a) A forecast of the continued demand of HFCs up to and beyond 2030;

(b) An assessment of the need for further action by the Union and its Member States in light of existing and new international commitments regarding the reduction of F-gas emissions;

(c) An overview of European and international standards, national safety legislation and building codes in Member States in relation to the transition to alternative refrigerants;

(d) A review of the availability of technically feasible and cost-effective alternatives to products and equipment using F-gases (not listed in Annex III), taking into account energy efficiency.

The technical specification for the review tender states “Taking into account the intended European Green Deal, the review clause in the Regulation and HFC obligations under the Montreal Protocol the Commission wishes to evaluate the current Regulation and assess policy options for further improvement.”


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